Flavored Sea Salt

Flavored Sea Salt

Submitted by: Lenna Rivera , Nebraska

I love saving money and repurposing, reusing, and resourcing things! So , do not throw away your “empty” vitality EO bottles! You can cook with oils, but when the oils seem to be gone, don’t worry, we can use them one more time! Do not wash the bottles, but simply fill them with the sea salt (we absolutely love Redmon’s Real Salt! It does taste better, I am convinced of it). Let the salt sit in the bottles and absorb the last of the oils on the walls and button. Shake it well, and enjoy your flavored sea salt!!!

Here are some ideas :

•Lime salt would go well with fresh pico de gallo, fiesta lime chicken, and fish tacos.

•Basil salt will compliment caprese tomatoes (simply sauté cherry tomatoes in the hot oil with fresh garlic, salt to taste, add mozzarella on top). Basil salt will also compliment any other tomato sauce or simply sprinkle on pasta with butter.

•Rosemary salt will compliment any of your favorite lamb recipes, poultry stuffing, roasted potatoes.

•Lemon salt will explode the flavor of shrimp and garlic, chicken dishes will also benefit from the lemon salt.

•Oregano salt will transform your pork chops, any Italian red sauces, or try oregano lemon chicken.

*You can also get creative with various marinades using EO flavored salts .

Enjoy the pure product of the ingredients you can pronounce and enjoy the family time around the table!

Much love,

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