038: A No-Nonsense Weight-Loss Program that Actually Works!

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Is it possible to find a weight-loss program that actually works without requiring you to starve yourself? Amanda Pickering, of Amanda Pickering Health and Wellness, say Yes! Her Triple 5 program promises that you can loose at least 5 pounds, in 5 days, deepening on your starting weight . At the foundation of her Triple 5 program are five core concepts: Nutrition, Fitness, Exercise, Sleep, and Water and the Triple 5 program outlines exactly what is needed in these 5  areas in order for you to get the weight loss results you desire. People have been achieving amazing results from the Triple 5 program on it’s own, but there can be challenges for some. Detox symptoms such as headaches, food cravings, palate shock, and fear of failing or giving up are some of the challenges that new participants find most daunting. But with the help of essential oils and essential oil infused products, many of these challenges can be overcome easily with just a few drops.


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