188: Happy Hormones with Essential Oils

188: Happy Hormones with Essential Oils

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Women in American are experiencing a whole lot of issues with regard to hormone health. The additional stress and toxic environment we are exposed to exacerbate the symptoms of the natural changes women’s bodies undergo and cause some very unwanted side effects. OBGYN Dr. Kyrin Dunston lost a life-changing 100 lbs. and healed herself from chronic disease by addressing the root causes of her overweight and dysfunction.  This personal transformation in turn caused a professional one and she left OBGYN practice in 2011 to pursue helping women heal with this revolutionary type of natural medicine after becoming fellowship trained in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine. 

If you are in your 30s-40s are are experiencing unexplained weight gain, trouble sleeping, and anxiety, don’t do anything else until you listen to this episode. 

In this Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Dr. Dunston’s story (6:00) 

  • Tools she uses in her Functional Medicine practice (14:00) 

  • The role of essential oils in stress management (18:15) 

  • Chemical and vibrational effects of essential oils (22:50) 

  • Why do most women experience a drop in progesterone? (25:00) 

  • Artificial sources of estrogen we absorb from our environment—xenoestrogens (26:25) 

  • American women typically experience more problems with the menopause transition than other countries (28:50) 

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Recipes Mentioned in this Episode: 

ep 188 recipe.png

Saturday Morning Rebalance and Refocus diffuser blend

DIY dugout: Susan Brandenburg

From: https://www.myyl.com/susanlynne


In a diffuser, add the following:  

  • 5 drops Xiang Mao 

  • 4 drops Geranium 

I found this to be very relaxing and grounding but allows me to focus and leaves a beautifully clean fresh scent in my home. Just what I need on a Saturday morning. 

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