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187: The Trenches of Trauma

Servicemen and servicewomen live in constant fear for their lives while in a combat situation. Combine that with the physical stresses and lack of basic resources of living in a combat zone, and it’s easy to see how it would be difficult to reintegrate into civilian society upon the return home. Jason Sapp is a former Army sergeant and Iraq war combat veteran. As a certified professional Life Coach, Jason guides people to alternative resources for wellness with a focus on those who struggle with physical, emotional and spiritual trauma, faltering relationships, domestic abuse, anxiousness and stress.  


“War changes the core of human beings. But that doesn't mean a veteran needs to dwell in darkness for the rest of their life. Facing, then moving past war-related experiences, is vital to achieving happiness and fulfillment. Finding their core value while recreating their identity keeps a veteran moving toward the magnificent life they deserve” -Jason Sapp