086: What’s in Your Gym Bag?

086: What’s in Your Gym Bag?

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Don’t just work out! Get in the zone, oily style, with weight lifter and fitness advocate Soraya Goddard. Learn tips and tricks for making your pre, during, and post workout time the best that it can be.

In this Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Tips for getting motivated to exercise
  • The relationship between weight-lifting and old age
  • Essential oil and other tips for pre-workout
  • Ways to use essential oils during a workout
  • Tips for cooling down and maximizing recovery time with essential oils and more

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Recipes Mentioned in this Episode:


tattoo after care.png

Tattoo Aftercare

Submitted by: Carina Lawrence Schoen



  • If your tattoo is fresh, add a drop of helichrysum and a drop of frankincense to a little coconut oil and apply twice daily until your tattoo is healed. It will promote quick, healthy recovery and keep it looking lovely.
  • Once your tattoo is healed, a quick swipe of rose ointment over it every day will keep it well moisturized, and looking bright and crisp. Rose ointment improves skin texture with ingredients like beeswax, lanolin, and mink oil, and has all the added benefits of tea tree, carrot seed, rose hip, rose flower, ylang ylang, and geranium oils, among others.

Mike Goddard’s Hand Care for Athlete’s Recipe:

Every time I got on the bar for high volume lifts, pull ups or toes to bar, I wondered if this would be the set that would tear my hands up and keep me out of the gym for days. Thankfully, I don’t deal with that anymore. Rips and tears will keep you from maximizing your training or leave you without a delicious pickle because the pickle jar defeated you … again. Really though, keeping your hands healthy is key to keeping you in the gym and healthy.

Here is my secret recipe to keep my hands soft and in gym-shape!


Below is the recipe that goes along with the video, so don’t stress about writing it all down as you watch:

You’ll need a sauce pan, a glass bowl (or a double boiler), a glass container for the hand treatment and essential oils that are good for your skin.

Put into the glass bowl:

1 part beeswax

4 parts (solid) coconut oil

8 parts shea butter

Fill the bottom of the sauce pan with enough water that when you set the glass bowl into the pan it covers the bottom of the bowl but doesn’t spill over.

Set the sauce pan with glass bowl onto a stove burner and bring the sauce pan to a low heat. The water should not be boiling. You want only enough heat to gently melt the contents of the bowl.

Next, pick a glass container that you’ll keep your hand treatment in.  Add the essential oils to your glass container (15-16 drops per 1oz of volume)

My essential oils of choice are:

Panaway (soothes your skin and helps your muscles)

Wintergreen (soothes your skin)

Frankincense (great for skin healing and overall skin health)

Peppermint (provides a great cooling sensation and helps with circulation)

For a 2oz jar, I would add 15-16 total drops of oils.  For a 4 oz jar, I would use about 30 drops of oils. 

Then, pour the liquefied contents (be careful, it’s hot!!) into your glass container and stir with a knife or a chopstick.

Place the glass jar in your refrigerator to let it cool and firm up. Now your hand treatment is ready for use!

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