30 Min Business Consult w/ Samantha Lee Wright

30 Min Business Consult w/ Samantha Lee Wright


30 Minute Business Consult via Zoom. (No limit)

Thinking of starting your own podcast?

Give yourself and your business the gift of clarity with a one-on-one session with podcasting guru Samantha Lee Wright. Whether you are brand new, already launched, or want feedback on your existing business, Sam is here to help you achieve your goals.

Topics are determined by your exact need. Before your session, you will have a chance to submit any questions or topics you’d like your session to focus on.

A member of the Samantha Lee Wright Team will contact you shortly to schedule your appointment.

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If, for any reason, such as illness, full schedule, or otherwise, Samantha is unable to fulfill the coaching session hours reserved, you will be issued a full refund.

Otherwise, this service is non-refundable.

Let’s rock this!