Hi! I'm Samantha Lee Wright

I believe that truly healthy living begins by taking your health into your own hands. And I’m here to educate and empower you to do just that!

Everyday, more and more people are waking up and saying YES to healthy solutions and NO to toxic chemicals. They are seeking out the information and the tools they need to start living truly healthy lives.

We all have the potential to become healthier, more radiant versions of ourselves. I believe when we are given the tools we need to achieve that, we get to experience not just physical radiance, but emotional radiance as well.

I believe there are just three ingredients to healthy living:


Learning new ways to improve your health and ways to avoid things that harm our bodies is key to making healthy changes in our lives. That’s what we are all about at Revolution Oils.


Learning isn’t enough. You have to use the tools you need everyday to get yourself to that next level. Whether it be exercise, better ingredients, supplements, vitamins, or my personal favorite, essential oils, we all need access to tools that will support and help our bodies. At Revolution Oils we only recommend products and tool that we know and trust.


Change is hard. It’s even harder when we are making those changes alone. Everything we do at Revolution Oils is geared around fostering a community of like-minded people all on a journey together.

I’ve always been passionate about health.

I’ve walked the “alternative health” path since I was a teenager. Obsessed with the notion of self-reliance, holistic health, and conscious living, I surrounded myself with as much knowledge as I could about nutrition, herbs, supplements, and alternative medicine. And now, as a mother of two, I’ve become even more committed to living a healthy, toxic-free lifestyle so that my kids can grow up in a safe, nurturing, and toxic-free home.

I’ve helped hundreds of people take a more active role in their health, whether it be through teaching alternative childbirth classes or teaching people how to get started using essential oils, my mission is to put the power back into the hands of the people by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to start making healthy choices for themselves.

As the host of iTunes’ #1 rated essential oil podcast in the world, The Essential Oil Revolution, I bring you the tools and insights you need to start taking control of your health.

But I don’t stop there…

At Revolution Oils my main focus is on helping you live the radiant life you were born to live and we do this through our weekly podcast, The Essential Oil Revolution.

But, thanks to the growing demand of our listeners, I’ve created two more podcasts about the business side of essential oils. In our beginner’s guide, The Revolution Oils Bootcamp, I take you on a step-by-step journey of how to start and grow you very own essential oil home business. Then, in my ongoing business coaching podcast, The Revolution Oils Business Podcast, we continue inspiring and educating you on your journey into abundance.

I’m so happy you’re here! Welcome to the Rev-OIL-ution!!!!!

Samantha Lee Wright at the Mona, Utah Young Living farm.

Samantha Lee Wright at the Mona, Utah Young Living farm.