Podcast Interview FAQ’s

Here’s a list of common questions I get from upcoming podcast guests. Please review them before hopping on so that we are ready to rock!

Thanks so much for preparing!




How do I schedule an interview on the podcast?

If not already been scheduled, please schedule your interview through my online scheduler app by clicking here:

Once I receive your request I will double check my calendar for that time, then approve it or request a new date. If you don’t see a time that works for you, email me a list of some better time options and I will see if we can make something work for both of us.

What should I do to prepare for the interview?

Bring on the value to our listeners! We want your interview to blow everyone’s minds with good, usable content that helps people learn about health and essential oils.

  • Look for an email from me with a list of potential questions I’ll ask.

  • Or, even better, go ahead and send me a few questions you know would make for good conversation to: team@revolutionoilspodcast.com

  • We always close our show with the same 3 closing questions:

    • 1). Give us a quick glimpse into your daily health habits/routine (if you have one).

    • 2). What’s one thing we should all ditch completely and replace with something healthier today?

    • 3). How can people connect with you?

  • Interviews are expected to last 20-40 mins.

What do you need from me before the interview?

Please send over the following items BEFORE your interview to team@revolutionoilspodcast.com:

  1. Full name (for proper spelling):

  2. A short bio (around 100 words) for me to properly introduce you to the audience.

  3. A headshot to use in promotional graphics.

  4. Website/All Links you want put in the show notes.

Do i need special equipment or software?

Yes, but hopefully it’s stuff you already have or can get easily….

All interviews are conducted via Skype with the goal of getting the best sound quality possible. So, with this in mind, please prepare the following:

  • Skype, the audio software I use, is over the internet, so make sure you have….. internet. (close out anything you can before we record to save on bandwidth).

  • Create a free account on Skype and be sure to connect with me on there before your interview.
    I can be found by searching Skype for “samanthawright121” or “Samantha Lee Wright, Boone, NC.”
    Text 828-457-1081 if you have any difficulty.

  • Obviously audio quality is really important for a podcast, so if you have an external microphone that would be greatttttt. Try to either buy or borrow a good quality USB mic (a microphone that connects to your computer). Anything made by Blue is great.
    Please do not rely on a pair of earbuds unless absolutely neccessary. (As an entrepreneur you owe it to yourself to own a good quality microphone, but if this is too cost prohibitive, some guest will buy a mic for the interview, then return it afterward).
    A USB headset can sometimes work well, but can often be finicky and clicky when recording.

  • Also, have a pair of headphones available. (So that the sound of my voice doesn’t pick up on your mic).

  • Be in a quiet place, with your computer and mic placed stilly on a desk or surface. Try not to ruffle papers or touch things on your desk when recording. Turn off any background noise like fans, etc. where possible.

How long will the interview take?

Somewhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour if we get chatty. Let me know if you are in a rush when we start.

What do I do when it’s time for the interview?

Hop onto Skype 5 mins before go time. Send me a message when you are ready to roll. We will chit chat first and do a quick sound check before we record.
To find me on Skype search “Samantha Lee Wright, Boone, NC”

Can I cuss on the show? Politics? Religion? FDA Regulations?

Please don’t cuss (lots of listeners tune in with kids around)

Let’s keep politics and religion out of it, cool?

Because I am an independent representative of Young Living Essential Oils, my entire show (myself and guests) are required to “speak compliantly.” So do not say words like “antibacterial, anticancer, antimicrobial, fights disease, cures XYZ ailment,” etc. Talk to me if you need help or have more questions about this.

How long before it will Go live?

It depends on how many episodes I are already have lined up. Anywhere from 1-5 weeks usually. You’ll get an email when your episdoe does go live with a link to your show notes page.

How can I best support your show?

We greatly appreciate help from you in sharing our show with your audience! Thanks!

You can share these links to your audience at anytime:

Sample FB post:  I’m so excited to be invited on as a guest to The @Essential Oil Revolution Podcast! If you love essential oils check out this free weekly podcast. My interview will go live in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned to catch it!

Sample IG post:  I’m so excited to be invited on as a guest to @lifebysamwright ‘s podcast, #revolutionoilspodcast. If you love essential oils check out this free weekly podcast by searching “The Essential Oil Revolution” in any podcast app. My interview will go live in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned to catch it!

Can I embed the interview onto my own website?

Totally! My assistant will email you the embed code after your episdoe is live and you are welcome to put it into your own website anyway you would like.

What’s The Show’s History?

The Essential Oil Revolution is the world’s top-rated essential oil podcast with over 2 million downloads to date. New episodes are released every Tuesday. Episodes are AUDIO ONLY (no video) and NOT recorded live.

The first episdoe was released in December, 2015.

We are all about healthy living and essential oil education, NOT business education. It focuses predominantly on Young Living essential oils and products, but our goal is to be open to all people regardless of brand choice, and not to be salesy about our preferred brand.

Not all listeners are using a specific brand of essential oils, or may have never even heard of Young Living or other brands. Try to talk inclusively to all. If you mention a specific brand’s blend, please be prepared to share what oils make up that blend.

Anything else I should know?

  • You will not be on video, only audio.

  • We are not recording live.

  • Place your phone, computer, tablet, etc on Do Not Disturb mode.

  • Get some water before we start.

  • Close down anything that isn’t Skype if possible to save on bandwidth.

  • If you have a habit of tinkering with things when you talk, please remove items that can make noise while we talk such as: paper, which people tend to shuffle around; pens, which people tend to click and open; mouse, which people tend to click; other items on your desk, which people tend to slide around. All these things get picked up by the microphone.

  • For Young Living/DoTerra Distributors - Please do not solicit new signups during your interview. Instead, promote your website, blog, or other online locations where people can connect and learn more about you. You are welcome to offer a free gift or newsletter, etc.

Got more Questions?

Email team@revolutionoilspodcast.com

Need a quick way to reach me? Test 828-457-1081