We’re on a mission to make Healthy Living possible for everyone

Do you care about health and wellness? Do you enjoy helping others?
Start serving others in an exciting new career with our Revolution Oils Team!

Because my friend, you deserve nothing short of epic…

You’ve been living your life under someone else’s rules––go to school, get a job, work now, retire later. No one ever told you that there’s another way.

We’re here to show you how.

Every day, people are waking up and finding new paths to freedom with careers and lives that they love.

Revolution Oils is a community built for heart-centered dreamers –– the vision-boarders, the wanderlust souls, professional women, moms, dads, and side hustlers. Those with a 9-5, those already building an empire, or those who have no idea what they’re doing but know there’s more to life than what’s in front of them now.

Whoever you are, we're all working together towards the same goal –– freedom.

Freedom to work where and when we want to.
Freedom to earn an income without limits, based on our own efforts.
Freedom to play, dream, and travel without limits.
Freedom to hustle hard then the reap the rewards forever.
Freedom to earn an income by helping others and doing something we love.

We do it by working together, hustling hard, and being our own badass bosses.

We’re the kick in the pants you’ve been looking for to stop wishing and start doing.

Revolution Oils is a mentorship community full of trainings, resources, and ongoing support to help you build the heart-centered business of your dreams.

Business coaching, training, and resources are provided at no additional cost when you join Young Living with Samantha Lee Wright as your sponsor. Join here.

Why we partner with Young Living

With a Young Living business you can:

  • Get your products paid for

  • Be your own boss

  • Work when and where you want to

  • Work alongside an amazing community of leaders and entrepreneurs

  • Earn an income that is a direct result of your own efforts and hard work

If you are passionate, team spirited, motivated, and looking to make a real change towards financial freedom, our Revolution Oils community welcomes you to the team! We have all the resources and tools you need to start growing your very own Young Living Essential Oil business. Plus we provide one-on-one coaching, ongoing trainings and education, and best of all, a vast community of support and friendship.

We equip each of our new members with resources and tools plus hours of personal training, mentorship, and guidance.

So how much can you actually earn in a Young Living Business?

How much you earn in your Young Living business is entirely up to you. Some members are content to earn a few extra hundred dollars a month, while others are looking to earn six-figure incomes. Both are possible with a Young Living business, because it's an opportunity that rewards you for your own efforts and energy.

See more with Young Living’s Income Disclosure.

Revolution Oils Tools and Resources

The following resources and tools are provided to our members for FREE! Simple become a Young Living member with one of our Revolution Oils Team Members and you receive mentorship and trainings at no extra cost!

  • 30-Day Online Bootcamp to get your business started

  • One-one-one coaching with your sponsor and other leaders

  • Online community support groups just for our team business builders

  • Our digital team file folder with scripts, graphics, documents, and so much more

  • Revolution Oils logo for your branding use (or you are free to create your own branding)

  • Ongoing business trainings through webinars, videos, community groups, and more


I feel so grateful to be part of such an awesome tribe! Sam’s phenomenal leadership, her encouragement to dream big, and all the amazing resources we have available to us have had a massive impact on the growth of my business. This has been an incredible journey and I’m so grateful for the support of Sam and our entire oily community!

- Jacy Kruckenberg

No Glass Ceiling!

With your own Young Living business, you never have to wait for a raise or look for a better job to get ahead in life. There's room for everyone at the top! Today's top earners in Young Living started the exact same way that you can –– with a Premium Starter Kit and a dream to make their lives better.

No Crazy Obligations

Unlike many other home-based businesses, Young Living provides a no-strings attached opportunity that is accessible to all! When you build a business with Young Living you are NEVER required to stock up on product, reach a quota, or move at a certain speed. There’s no membership fees or mandatory quotas to read. You can do this business at your own pace, and on your terms.


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