003: How iTovi Can Skyrocket Your OGV and Boost Your Business

003: How iTovi Can Skyrocket Your OGV and Boost Your Business

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Using iTovi to boost sales and convert more leads

The iTovi is not just your own personal wellness guru... It's a tool that can help your business grow fast! Learn how to use iTovi to get more people to your classes, convert more people to get started, and get more members on Essential Rewards.

In this episdoe you'll discover:

  • How to promote free scans to get people showing up to your classes
  • How to use iTovi scans after classes to convert more people into members
  • Using iTovi throughout the year to get more engagement in your organization and boost your OGV
  • Boosting Essential Rewards signup with iTovi

4 Ways to Use iTovi for Your Business

First off, if you're not already familiar with iTovi, go listen to Episode 068 on The Essential Oil Revolution to learn how iTovi works.

Now, here are my top 4 tips for using iTovi to boost your business.


1). Offer free scans after events and classes.

I think we can all agree that we are in the age of FREE. Everyone wants free stuff, so why not offer a free scan after your Intro to Oil classes for those who show up and stick around.

When I started advertising free scans at my classes my turnouts increased at least 200%!

Not only would more people show up, but more people would stick around after class. And more sticking around equals. more. sign. ups. Period. 

Give your students a reason to hang out after class  and let the conversations flow. I guarantee you'll get more member sign ups with you do.

convert_prospects to members

2). Easily convert prospects into members.

iTovi has an amazing feature on their App that allows you to scan clients only for products that come in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. 

This means that after a class, someone can specifically see how their body will respond to the PSK oils. 

This can be a huge motivator for those on the fence about getting a kit. Which means iTovi can help people decide that THEY. ARE. WORTH. IT!

Don't overwhelm a potential member with too many choices. The starter kit oils are the perfect place to start for anyone new to Young Living.

iTovi for Business (2).jpg

3) Boost Your OGV and Member Interactions

Post on Facebook that you're giving free scans at your local coffee shop this weekend to your Young Living members and $15 scans (or whatever price you want) to non-members. 

See what happens.

I bet you'll have a slew of members clamoring through the door to get a scan. And when this happens, not only will you get to spend some quality face to face time with your precious members, but you'll also be able to scan them for products that specifically benifit their body.

Take the guess work out for your members and give them a scan! 

Use this time as an opportunity to educate your members about Essential Rewards as well. 

iTovi for Business (5).jpg

4) Track prospects and follow up without being salesy

No one likes a sales call. But everyone loves a friendly check-in to make sure you received something you were expecting...like their iTovi scan results.

When you scan a prospect, their report can get automatically emailed to them. This gives you the perfect opportunity to check in with them to make sure it went through.

Thanks to iTovi's prospect tracking features, you'll have an entire list os names and email addresses/phone numbers to be able to follow up with easily.

I usually write something like this...

"Hey ______, it was great seeing you the other day! 
I just wanted to make sure you received the iTovi scan report? Sometimes it goes to spam and I wanted to double check that you got it.
Let me know if you have any questions about your scan results. Isn't it so cool!?
Also, if you're wanting to get any of your recommended products at 24% off I'd recommend checking out the Young Living Starter Kit. You can check it out here: (link to your website page, or direct to your YL sign up link).
Hope you're well and I hope we get to see each other again soon!


How to Get Itovi

Learn more about iTovi on their webiste, www.itovi.com.

Use coupon code "REVOLUTION" at checkout to get $32 the ProChoice and a free scanner for the Basic Choice.

Or click HERE to go to the checkout page.


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