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170: Guts, Candida, and Poop, Oh my!

Sometimes symptoms such as headache, lethargy, or unexplained weight gain are treated with a pharmaceutical band-aid, when they are actually signs of a digestive imbalance. In today’s interview, Laurie Seely shares her story as a sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome and Candida overgrowth, and the path she took to digestive freedom. Laurie is a professional opera singer who became a Functional Medicine Health Coach after making her journey back to health. A self-proclaimed “health detective”, she now leads others back to digestive health with workshops ,group programs, essential oils, and one-on-one coaching. This is one episode that shouldn’t be missed! If you poop (and especially if you don’t), you will benefit from listening to this interview!

167: Tapping into your Subconscious with Oils and Hypnotherapy

The conscious mind controls ONLY 5-12% of our behavior... will power alone may not be enough to get you to your goals. Learn how to work with your subconscious for making real, positive changes that last! Our guest today, Carolyn Jenkins, first became interested in complementary and alternative healthcare modalities over ten years ago. She wended her way from Certified Health Coach to aroma therapist to Certified Hypnotist in a search for natural alternatives to traditional Western medicine. Aroma therapy and hypnotherapy are natural allies because they both operate at the level of the subconscious.