Your Classroom in a Box (digital download)

Your Classroom in a Box (digital download)


Your Classroom in a Box is a digital file folder full of 20+ resources to get you sharing your passion with others quickly and effectively.

Resources include:

  • Several class script options
  • Class handouts
  • Do's and don'ts of teaching
  • Prospect and customer tracker
  • How to close effectively
  • How to get your classes filled
  • Inviting others 
  • Enrollment forms
  • And more!
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What's inside?

Section 1: (Start Here) Ideas, Tips, and More

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching Classes

  • Class Checklist and Timeline

  • How to Get Classes Booked and Filled

  • Creating a Facebook Event for Your Class (Why and How)

  • Class Supplies List

  • Door Prizes/Gift Ideas

  • Oily Recipes for Serving at Classes

  • How to Fill Classes and Invite People

  • Care Calls Cheat Sheet

  • Thieves Cleaner Labels

  • Customer/Prospect Tracker

Section 2: Class Scripts

  • Intro to Oils (Long Script)

  • Intro to Oils (Short Bullet Pointed)

  • “Discover Young Living” - Method for short 30 min business presentation

  • Tips for Closing + Class Videos

Section 3: (Handouts and forms)

  • Handouts

  • Raffle sheet

  • Enrollment sheets

  • Contact sheet

  • Using Your PSK Oils Everyday

  • Ningxia Red and Thieves

  • Taking Notes Sheet

Customer Review:

“Thank you for the Classroom in a Box script! Not only did I learn more about these amazing oils but it helped me have more confidence during my class. I studied the script and read some of it word for word. I just love the styrofoam cup test!! I made the peppermint brownies too! They were a hit! I will never go to a class without these amazing notes! Plus I sold 3 kits Yay!!!”

-T.J. Cronley

Legal Stuff/Karma:

Some of the handouts provided are provided through our Spunky Oils team and will have the Spunky Oils logo on them. Please do not alter these files in any way, but feel free to use them as inspiration to create your own branded materials. 

Please be respectful of my work and business. Do not distribute files to others (except for handouts meant to be given out at classes). Each purchase is for individual use only and is not intended for bulk distribution.

Thank you!