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184: The C Word - Part 1

Did you know that hour of burning a candle is equivalent to the damage done by smoking a cigarette? Today we touch on the subjects of chemical awareness, as well as healthy and effective ways to use essential oils with children. Jackie Kartak is a mother of two and a passionate wellness advocate. She is a certified natural health professional, a doctor of naturopathy, and she’s the author of the children’s book, That Kids Book About Essential Oils. 

What is clean living worth to you? So many people make the choice to go cheap with their personal care products, with the mindset of “if it was that bad for me, it wouldn’t be for sale”. Jackie Kartak is here to remind us that the most common ingredients in our products are proven to be hazardous to humans (with the vast majority banned in other countries). It’s time to wake up to the patterns of illness in our culture, to the ingredients we and our children ingest and absorb, and to make intelligent choices about our health.