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129: Herbalist, Midwife, and Oily Educator Kristi Zittle Shares All

A mother of thirteen, a teacher and a midwife, Kristi Zittle tried a homebirth experience with her fifth child and fell in love with midwifery and a more natural approach to an already natural process. After years of study and experience, Kristi started her own practice, fulfilling one of her childhood dreams of delivering babies. In 2013, she discovered Young Living Essential Oils. Having had her own herbal business, Kristi was familiar with the benefits of plants, but fell in love with essential oils. Kristi herself set out to improve her health and wellness, losing over two hundred pounds and running a 5K. Throughout her transformations, both physical, emotional, and spiritual, two things have remained: her infectious love of people and a desire to share the lessons of life that she has learned and her faith.