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176: Conquer Anything! Mindset, Meditation, and Essential Oil

How can we harness the power of our minds in order to help us through life’s challenges? Is meditation the answer? How can essential oils play a role in that journey? Join us as we discuss the role of meditation in shifting mindset with Brenton Dunnington.  Brenton enjoys helping people achieve their goals through guided meditation & visualization.  He leads The 21-Day YL Mindset Meditation Challenge: Young Living Specific Guided Visualizations, Affirmations, & Meditations to help overcome negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and common fears in your business. Don’t worry if you’re not a Young Living business builder…everyone can benefit from these exercises! 

Tune in to learn about how the combined power of essential oils, meditation, and visualization can reduce stress and inflammation, break through our self-worth and abundance blocks, and even reverse the aging process! You won’t want to miss this one!