001: Everything You Need to Know About Essential Oils (in 20 Minutes)

001: Everything You Need to Know About Essential Oils (in 20 Minutes)

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This episode lays a basic foundation for all things essential oils. Learn the basic foundations of how to use essential oils safely and effectively so that you’ll have a basic understanding when listening to the more detailed episodes to come.

In this Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What exactly are essential oils?

  • Why essential oils are more powerful than dried or tinctured herbs.

  • How potent essential oils are (1 drop of peppermint essential oil = 26 cups of peppermint tea!)

  • Why sustainable farming practices matter.

  • The 3 different methods for using essential oils.

  • How to use essential oils to create powerful impacts on our limbic system.

  • How Sam uses oils as mind control on her kids.

  • What type of diffuser to use and NOT use.

  • What type of carrier oils to use for applying topically.

  • What it means to use oils “neat.”

  • Proper dilution ratios.

  • The “best” places to apply essential oils.

  • Safety tips: where NOT to apply and what to do if you get oils in your eyes.

  • Detox reactions and the importance of starting out slow.

  • The importance of quality essential oils.

  • Which oils can cause photosynthetic reactions.

  • Safety tips for pets, children, and pregnancy.

  • The importance of play! And how to know which oils to use for what.

  • Why Young Living chooses a direct sales model of business.

  • Getting plugged into communities with your sponsor or The Revolution Oils Team

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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