194: Facing Down Addiction with The Natural Guinea Pig

194: Facing Down Addiction with The Natural Guinea Pig

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No one consciously embarks on a journey of addiction, saying “I’m going to devote the next year to destroying my life”…yet so many people in this world end up in this dark place. Listen in and hear Matt’s story of how he slowly climbed back up from rock bottom to a place of vibrant health and gratitude. Matt Taylor is a Certified Natural Nutrition Coach, Certified Essential Oil Coach and has been the owner of The Taylored Touch Therapy Massage Studio in Philadelphia since 2007. He’s also a Motivational Speaker & digital creator and has been living with HIV for the past decade. Part of his journey has been overcoming a year long addiction to crystal meth. Matt shares his story through daily videos on social media, focusing on gratitude, vulnerability and Natural Wellness as a way to overcome even the most difficult life experiences.  

 There IS hope for each of us. If we can commit to one small action, day after day, and reach for that first ladder rung to climb back up to stable ground, we will eventually gain the confidence and momentum to get to a place of wholeness. 

In this Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Why Matt calls his blog “The Natural Guinea Pig” (4:00) 

  • How Matt experiments with essential oils (7:15) 

  • Matt’s experience using oils to combat addiction (8:30) 

  • Using essential oils as a way to reconnect with Nature (11:30) 

  • The process of committing to getting healthier (12:55) 

  • Essential oils as a gateway therapy to other natural health-supporting tools (18:00) 

  • Matt’s advice for folks dealing with the day-to-day struggles of life (22:50) 

  • Essential oils and gratitude (28:30) 

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include:

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Recipes Mentioned in this Episode: 

ep 194 recipe.png

Under the Stars Diffuser Blend

From: Joplin, MO

DIY dugout: Stephanie Brewer


  •  In a diffuser, add:  

    • 4 drops Cypress 

    • 4 drops Cedarwood 

    • 2 drops Pine 

    • 1 drop Vetiver

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