193: Melissa Oil + 10 Oils for a Successful Mindset

193: Melissa Oil + 10 Oils for a Successful Mindset

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Melissa (a.k.a. lemon balm) is a plant that is so sensitive, it is affected by the attitudes of the people around it! Tune in to learn about the benefits of Melissa as well as Gretchen’s tips for transforming your mindset and preparing for success. Gretchen King-Ann was a marketing manager from a multi-national company who quit her busy and stressful job so that she could have a baby. When she was 8 months pregnant, she was introduced to essential oils and this was the start of her healthy living journey. When Gretchen visited her first Young Living farm and met with members around the world in 2014, she realized that Young Living can be her life-time career and passion. She worked extraordinarily hard and the end of the following year, she reached the highest possible rank in her company.  

When pursing success, we must first pursue happiness. Many of us fall into the trap of waiting for success to come in order to find happiness. Tending to our state of mind first will facilitate the success we want to see.  

In this Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Gretchen’s essential oil path (4:10) 

  • How Melissa is grown (5:10) 

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include:

  • Ginger essential oil 

  • A—abundance (Abundance eo blend), B—belief (Believe eo blend), C—change (Transformation eo blend), D—dream (Build Your Dream eo blend), E—energy (En-R-Gee), F—forgiveness (Forgiveness eo blend), G—gratitude (Gratitude eo blend), H—humility (Humility eo blend), I—inspiration (Inspiration eo blend), J—joy (Joy eo blend) [all blends are formulated by Gary Young, Young Living essential oils] 

  • Gretchen’s facebook page: GretchenEOworld 

  • Essential Oils Transformation Summit, October 14-20, 2019: essentialoilstransformation.com 

  • Submit a Recipe to the DIY Dugout by emailing diy@revolutionoilspodcast.com OR by using the Hashtags #diydugout and #revolutionoilspodcast on Instagram.

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Recipes Mentioned in this Episode: 

ep 193 recipe.png

DIY Cologne

DIY dugout: Michael Houston


  •  In an amber glass spray bottle, add the following:  

    • 10 drops Cedarwood 

    • 5 drops bergamot 

    • 5 drops peppermint  

    • Equal parts witch hazel and water.  

    Shake well and use as you would cologne. 

    Don’t spray on skin if in direct contact with sun. 

The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast features many Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributors but is a completely separate entity from the company. Any information on the show in no way reflects the words or advice of Young Living Essential Oils. The information given on the show is meant for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat anyone.

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