The Essential Oil Revolution

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173: If Plants Could Talk

Did you know that different plant preparations can impart different aspects of a plant’s medicine? Join us as we speak with Heather Irvine, the Herbal Academy’s Herbal Mentor and Ambassador. For over ten years, Heather worked as an herbal product maker running a successful herb business in Vermont, selling products made from plants she grew or gathered herself. Now, she is focusing on herbal education for students, consumers, and healthcare practitioners helping them understand and talk about how herbs work.  

Plants are more intelligent than you know! Tune in to learn about how to use these natural tools (and why you’ve likely heard WAY more about pills than plants!) 

172: Dr. Eric Z - The Essential Oils Diet

If you want to get healthy and regain a balanced metabolism, choose quality over quantity! In this episode, we dive into the main factors preventing Americans from experiencing the natural health and balance that is the human birthright. Join us as we speak with Dr. Eric Zelinski, author, aromatherapist, public health researcher, chiropractor, and natural living educator, about the role of nutrient-dense, bioactive foods and essential oils in creating and maintaining a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.  

“Just Say No!” to the status quo! Listen in to learn how to reclaim your natural health and vitality. No need to exclude entire food groups or follow fad diets. Simply choose high quality whole foods and essential oils, and watch your body reset to health.