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186: Biohacking for Better Health

What if you had access to your body’s “cheat codes” and knew exactly what little changes and tweaks made the biggest difference in the way you felt and looked? In today’s episode, we chat with Allyssa LaScala, biohacking expert. Biohacking is the practice of making small lifestyle changes that enhance your body’s natural genetic potential. Allyssa LaScala is founder of Biohacking Bombshell and the 7 Day Reset. She is a virtual personal trainer and nutrition specialist whose personal health challenges lead her to the world of biohacking. From Lyme Disease to Adrenal Fatigue, and even Breast Implant Illness, Allyssa took her pain, turned it into purpose, and has now made biohacking a major pillar in the health and weight loss programs for her clients. Her mission is to help others navigate through all the fads, gimmicks, and hype of the wellness industry, and teach them how they can biohack their way to the results they deserve. 

Tune in to learn how biohacking (a.k.a. Nutrigenomics or Epigenetics) can optimize your body’s unique genetic code and make it work for you to experience the health you were meant to have.   

181: Epigenetics, DNA, and Essential Oils

What does our great-great-great grandparents’ lifestyles have to do with whether or not we’re susceptible to certain diseases? Everything, apparently! Our genes determine everything about us, and our lifestyles influence how our genes are expressed, not only in our bodies, but in the bodies of our descendants! Today we discuss essential oils and genetics with David Krantz, certified Epigenetic Coach who specializes in boosting cognitive function and helping clients harness their creative and personal power. As a lifelong musician, David sees the various systems of the body as parts of a complex symphony. And, as a coach, he excels at fine-tuning those parts to create resonant harmonious health.  

Interested in how your unique genetic signature affects the way your body processes certain foods, tolerates different stress levels, and predisposes you to certain medical conditions? David shares how reading your genetic markers and recommending specific essential oils, foods, and exercise levels can make the all the difference between health and illness.