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120: Oral Health & Essential Oils

Melissa Schollaert worked as a registered dental hygienist in the dental field for over 10 years and knows firsthand about the truths, the myths, and the flat-out fictions happening in the field of dentistry. Today we explore the world of oral health and how essential oils can help you achieve superb dental hygiene. Melissa is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor and founder of Real Nutritious Living  .She’s been a regular expert on NBC, ABC, Good Day Live, and ESPN radio.

113: Getting Grounded w/ Essential Oils

Today we wind down and get grounded as we explore some of the best essential oils to use for grounding with Vicki Washburn. Vickie's mission is to help others find the passion...the purpose in each of us that has been buried and silenced by limiting beliefs, emotional traumas and cellular memories. She guides her clients to release those emotional blocks which keep them from thriving, from living their purpose and passion and finding the Abundance in Health and in Life that is promised each of us.

075: Finding Abundance w/ Essential Oils

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Tune in and learn how Katie Giordano grew her oil business in just 2 1/2 short years and earns almost triple what she made in her previous job with a fraction of the work hours.

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074: Activate Your Superpowers with Essential Oils

Janet has been playing with energy her entire life, but in 2004 she began to do so in a serious way. She began with the study of Reiki and quickly became a Master. She has since learned Pranic Healing and Matrix Energetics, and she is able to psychically understand what Spirit wishes to reveal to her clients. As a result, she has created a type of healing that is led by her intuition and personalized to each individual’s unique needs. Over time, she was given tools to help others connect with their intuition as well and she has become an activator for others, helping them to access their healing and intuitive gifts in a way that feels safe and secure.She has a thriving healing practice, teaches intuitive development, leads spiritual circles, and hosts retreats around the world. On today’s show she shares with us how essential oils can help us become more intuitive, more grounded, less overwhelmed, and even develop your superpower.


069: Mash Up! Essential Oils, Chinese Medicine, and Emotions

Katie Yevmenova was born in Ukrain where meals were made from scratch, healthcare was in the hands of grandma, and chemical-free, instead of being a catch phrase, was just the way of life. Now, living in the United States, Katie has had to learn to navigate the ever challenging landscape of American culture when it comes to food, medicine, and daily living.

To maintain her sense of wellness and control over her own health, Katie combines her extensive knowledge of essential oils, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, and emotional healing theories. Tune in to hear amazing stories of success and how you can use this age-old wisdom to live a more radiant and vibrant life.

Katie is the co-founder of Abundant Mamas . You can find her on Facebook HERE