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190: Sobriety, Faith, and Oils

When you think of your life as a a vinyl record, trauma is the scratch that causes the song to skip and repeat one part over and over. In this episode, Kathleen shares her experience with healing those scratches and allowing the original song to come through. Kathleen Rodin is the author of the book “Reboot- Release Emotions and Remember Wholeness Using Essential Oils”….She shares her journey of growing up poor, with a single Mom in the late 60's and overcoming addiction. She was in treatment for the second time by the time she was 18 years old. Now, 38 years sober, she is a wife and mother and dedicated person of faith. 

To be alive is to experience ups and downs, bliss and trauma. Essential oils can help bring old memories to the surface where they can be processed and released, so that our original song can come through and be shared with the world.  

187: The Trenches of Trauma

Servicemen and servicewomen live in constant fear for their lives while in a combat situation. Combine that with the physical stresses and lack of basic resources of living in a combat zone, and it’s easy to see how it would be difficult to reintegrate into civilian society upon the return home. Jason Sapp is a former Army sergeant and Iraq war combat veteran. As a certified professional Life Coach, Jason guides people to alternative resources for wellness with a focus on those who struggle with physical, emotional and spiritual trauma, faltering relationships, domestic abuse, anxiousness and stress.  


“War changes the core of human beings. But that doesn't mean a veteran needs to dwell in darkness for the rest of their life. Facing, then moving past war-related experiences, is vital to achieving happiness and fulfillment. Finding their core value while recreating their identity keeps a veteran moving toward the magnificent life they deserve” -Jason Sapp 


169: The Alchemy of Essential Oils

When someone who has been holding on to trauma suddenly releases it from their body ,everything in their life gets lighter. Nia Dickens sheds some light on the alchemical processes involved in making essential oils and vibrational medicines, and the profound results we can realize when we treat the whole person, not just the physical body. Nia specializes in pain relief and trauma recovery treatments to aid in the release of chronic/ acute conditions. Her path of practice in massage and body work therapy and herbal alchemy includes over 25 years of experience. Nia uses her knowledge and experience in massage coupled with her own intuitive guidance to address the client’s body-soul-spirit, or the “wholeself.”

Check out this week’s episode with Nia and discover what’s actually in those little bottles of essential oil—if properly and consciously distilled, the color and aroma represent far more than just a nice smell!